Savasci Season 1 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles What does he know that I am ready to give up for the son of Osman Bey? Oh my good-hearted Bala. So what are we going to do with Zoyi, my Bala? If we are right, this will hurt Osman Bey first. We cannot allow this, my Gonca. Don’t take your eyes off him. You don’t have to worry, my Bala. Let our gentleman return safely and let them come together with my Boran, then we will tell him our doubts. He will come in a certain order from the Dukes headquarters to the battlefield. He’ll want to encircle us without disturbing his army.

Our commanders, who witnessed this in the battles

with our armies, are now among us. Dukas goes into battle like a steel core in every battle. The Seljuk army has witnessed this many times. What is the exact number of soldiers from the Tekfurs, Nikola? He found three hundred and fifty. I have personally trained all of them. We will be a core of steel and fight in order. We will never allow the Turks to break our steel core. Dukas’ greatest strength is the Macedonian unit, which is adept at wielding spears and shields. These will form the backbone of the army against us.

I think the same thing as you, Osman Bey.

Therefore, I will meet them in the midfield with my spearmen and shields. There will be soldiers loyal to Emir Aslan on the left wing. If he is on the right wing, you will fight with your lords and your alps. Cenk will start tomorrow at sunrise. Commander Dukas had not seen so many soldiers together since Bithynia became Bithynia. Osman trusts the sultan’s army, the sultan trusts the Turkish lord’s alps. But he will still come with a strong army. Osman will want to secure his job. We will attack by siege from three sides. In the middle will be soldiers from Macedonia.

I will command soldiers from the left front.

On the right wing, Adnos will command the military units from the Tekfurs. Nikola will also be a support unit with his own soldiers. It is a great honor for me to fight with a great commander like you. So you Nikola, do you have anything to say? We outnumber you, armor and in many ways too. But… If we do not take into account the Turkish archers, we cannot win the war. I have plans for them too. Is there anything to say? May our Gaza be blessed, my sultan. God help us and get half.I saw that you have a strong bond with the gentlemen in your land.

You show your ability to handle them in one punch.

My Sultan, your state is under the control of the Mongols with many mischief. My gentlemen know well that if our unity is broken, we will not only be defeated, but then we will scatter like a rosary. I hope the opposite will happen, Osman Bey. They would understand if they saw their veterans waiting to fight as if they were waiting for the morning of the feast. All Muslims and non-Muslims in villages and villages are in joy. What do you know? Because they all see their future in you, Osman Bey. In you and even in your future children.

Everything we do in the way of Allah is for our children and generation, brother. May Allah open his ways and his luck. I hope my brother. Brother, with your permission, I have a job to see. Estańüfurullah brother, come on, do your job. Episode 2

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