Telenor Successful Test of 5G with 70 Gbps Speeds

Telenor Successful Test of 5G with 70 Gbps Speeds

Huawei annunciated that it conjointly conducted successful 5G tests with Telenor with speed reached up to 70 Gbps in a controlled lab setting.

Telenor Group and Huawei conjointly annunciated the first 5G groundedE-band *multi-user MIMO ** rally in Norway this month. The maximum speed reached by the rally was 70 Gbps. Likewise, a Joint Desktop Study that will give perceptivity and literacy to identify necessary update way from 4G to 5G technology in Telenor’s Network, will be operated through the Telenor and Huawei Joint Innovation Center. Telenor Successful Test of 5G

TheE-bandmulti-user MIMO can give a 20 Gbps speed rate for a single stoner. Working as a supplementary low- frequence band, theE-band enhances the stoner experience of eMBB ***.

The Norwegian Minister of Transport and Dispatches, Mr. Ketil Solvik-Olsen, attended the event and tête-à-tête launched the Rally. Telenor and Huawei Conduct Successful Test of 5G

Telenor Group CEO, Mr. Sigve Brekke said,

.“ This is a big day for Telenor, because eventually we can demonstrate the eventuality of 5G, and Norway will always be the first request for us to test new technology.”

 Telenor Nordic CEO, Berit Svendsen gave special thanks to Huawei for their crucial donation to this collaboration. She said,

.“ No driver can do this alone, that’s why our cooperation with Huawei is so incredibly important. Huawei are far ahead in this area”.

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 The chairman of Huawei Telenor Key Account Team, Mr. Zhang Chao said,

“ Huawei is one of the world’s commanding associations working on the standardization and development of 5G, and I compliment us all in taking this first important step towards 5G. We’re veritably proud to be part of this first 5G rally in Norway.”

Telenor, being one of the world’s leading telecom drivers, has a veritably clear specialized strategy and superior prosecution capabilities. Telenor also follows 5G technology developments nearly, and in the transnational 5G standardization bodies Telenor and Huawei work nearly together.


  • *E-bandE-band A radio frequence band of 71-76 GHz / 81-86 GHz.
  • ** MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Affair
  • *** eMBB Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Telenor and Huawei Conduct Successful Test of 5G with 70 Gbps Speeds

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