Zubair Rehman

ZUBAIR REHMAN is a Pakistani Musician artist

who has made a big name in digital marketing in the world? Zubair Rehman was born 18/February/1997 in Karachi Pakistan. Zubair Rehman is an artist model, musician, singer, entrepreneur, blogger, to name a few aged 24, he was born in Karachi. Since childhood, he had a keen interest in trying to do new things. His classmates, friends, colleagues, recall that his thinking style was different from many others individuals in the class as well as in our city. He never hesitated nor was scared to experiment.

At a very young age, he had plain to open his company, and he opened his company (www.technicalzubair.com) with a vision of becoming one of the greatest in the Digital Marketing Industry as well as an entrepreneur.


Zubair Rehman

ZUBAIR REHMAN professionally known as a Musician,

Actor and Entrepreneur based in Karachi, Pakistan, & he was born 18/February/1997 in Karachi Pakistan, he was introduced to the music industry launched his first Albums “Zabi beats, Friendzone, Deep line, on SoundCloud first. After some days he releases his albums on different music platforms. Zubair Rehman had completed the graceful grammar high school & A level in Accounts, D.com, From Hope Commerce Degree College Karachi, however, his favorite color is Black & white, mostly he likes to listen to Allama Muhammad Iqbal poetry, Furthermore, he likely to recite holy Quran_Pak, his best friends is Mudassar Khan, moreover, he has many skills as like Freelancer, graphic designer, YouTuber, Digital marketing expert, social media manager, professional editor, entrepreneur & about his hobbies, singing, gym, workout, fitness, photography, Traveling. Mostly his fans want to know about his height 5’7 as well as his color is white, & still, he is single. He did many albums, “Zabi beats, Friendzone, Deep line, besides his age, is 24 and weight is around 60kg. He has 7 siblings 4 brothers and three sisters.

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